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Submit your digital photo(s) and description of requested work.

Use the 'Submit Images' link.  Click on 'Choose File' or 'Browse' button (depending on your browser) and browse your computer to select the image to upload. Most camera raw formats (such as *.dng, *.raw, *.nef, *.crw, *.cr2, *.tif, *.k25, *.kdc), as well as *.jpg, *.png, and *.gif are acceptable formats.

Use the 'Add Another' button as many times as necessary if you have other images to add to your request, for backgrounds or photo collaging, etc.

Either type in instructions describing the work you desire, or simply check the available check box to request our recommendations regarding your iamage(s).

Make sure we have a good email address for you, so we can provide you with a price quote for the work.

Review the 'Terms of Service' and check the box indicating your agreement.

Click 'Upload' and be patient, especially if you have a lower speed internet connection.  Image files can be very large, and typically your upload speed is significantly lower than your download speed.  The page will let you know when the upload is complete.

Receive your price quotation.

We will respond by email with a firm price quote for your work, along with our recommendations, if they were requested.

Approve price quote.

Reply to the email with your approval, and we will go ahead with the work.

Receive completion notification.

Upon completion, we will send you another email with a link to a web location with your completed image.  The image on the web site will have a faint watermark denoting it as a 'proof'.  The image you download, or any prints or other products you order though the web site will not have this watermark.

Purchase and download the completed image.

Use the link provided in your completion email to access the web site.  Right click on your image, select 'Buy' and place the download in your shopping cart. Its price will be the price you were quoted in Step 2.  You can also choose to add prints or other products from your image to the shopping cart.  This is an opportunity for you to puchase the same professional quality printed products that we offer using our studio images, at about half the price. You're welcome.

If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

If you don't like the results, obviously you will not have purchased and downloaded the image in the previous step, and you have paid nothing.  If you're not happy, neither are we, and we would like to redo the work under the same price quote. Just give us further instructions on what needs to be done to gain your complete satisfaction.  You can do this by either replying to the completion notification email, or by leaving a comment on the web page displaying the image.  We'll take it from there, and you will be back to waiting for Step 4.

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