Welcome to   Ragu Photography / Ragu Software LLC (281) 259-5785     

Send us your GOOD digital images...
         and we'll send you back GREAT ones!

     The same attention to detail that we give to all of our studio and on-site client shoot images will be given to your images.  We'll be using the latest Photoshop and other digital image software.  And, pricing starts as low as 8 bucks.

     Services provided range from simple technical corrections to exposure, contrast and white balance, all the way to artistic restoration of old damaged scanned images.  We can clean up distracting elements in your composition (like utility lines in landscapes), or swap out faces from similar group photos, to fix that great group photo where just one person blinked at the wrong time.  We can fix wardrobe malfunctions, or even take off a few pounds from a big holiday meal.

     Using our service is completely risk free.  After you upload your images and instructions we'll get back to you with a firm price quote.  If acceptable, we'll do the work and you don't pay until you are 100% satisfied with the results and download the edited image.

     Check out the other links for detailed steps in the process, and examples of our work and typical pricing.  Then use the 'Submit Images' link to upload yours.

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