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PositionView™ is a web based application designed for rapid data entry of natural gas trades, and near real-time tracking of physical position.  Physical gas trades, and financial trades used for risk reduction can be entered and tracked by the system.  ‘Buy’ and ‘sell’ trades with external counterparties, as well as internal company transfers, are supported.

Intuitive single-click navigation coupled with pre-population of the trade entry form based on positional clicking provides the means for rapid data entry.  Initial trade entry can generally be accomplished in 10 seconds or less.

Getting the data in correctly the first time is at least as important as getting it in quickly.  PositionView™ utilizes a unique table-driven approach to data checking.  Validity checking makes sure that all required fields are entered, and that numeric fields indeed have numeric values, etc.  Clients can also add their own Business Rule checking by defining the rules in the Administration interface.  High and low warning limits can also be assigned for each of the price types.

Individual users control parameters such as pipeline locations displayed, counterparty select list, frequency of position refresh rates, flow dates tracked, default trade type, default trader and desk, and the font size of the display, tailored to their own desktop.

For large trading firms with large scale enterprise-wide systems, PositionView™ can provide a highly effective front end for traders to get their trades into the system and keep track of their position in the small time window allotted to getting a day’s trading business transacted.  For the smaller bootstrap operation, the SQL Server backend has enough scalability to allow PositionView™ to adequately function as their system-of-record.

Contact us to arrange for a PositionView™ demonstration at your office.

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